Portrait – Work in a cycle

Windmühlenmesser – Work in a cycle

Natural raw materials and work in a cycle

Although we feel a closer affinity to craftsmanship, we are an industry in Solingen. Of course, we cannot manufacture without producing any waste but we endeavour to keep this as low as possible.

Most of our raw material waste is recycled and thus flows back into circulation. Any steel residue remaining after the blades have been cut is sent back to the steelworks to be reused.

Our grindery works within a closed water cycle with nitrite-free coolants for grinding. The water is filtered in a modern processing plant on our premises and returned to the cycle. The fine steel chips left in the grinding water and the abrasives from the grinding stones are separated by a filter. A paste-like residue is all that remains and needs to be disposed of.

For the most part, we produce our wooden handles ouselves. Any wooden chips remaining are given to paper and particle board manufacturers and they reprocess the material. We use neither paint nor water staining products for processing or sealing the handles.

We are proud of our FSC® Certificate (licence number FSC-C114242) since 2012 with regard to processing certified copper beech wood.

The handles are smoothened with a paste from natural abrasive substances and oils and sealed “with open pores”. This allows the wood to breath and enhances grip.

Our packaging is 80 – 90% recycled cardboard and PET plastics. A large part of our packaging is labelled with FSC Mix. We are constantly searching for potential alternative materials we can use to manufacture, equip and pack our products.

The largest part of our raw material waste is recycled

The largest part of our raw material waste is recycled

Wood: a natural raw material

Wood: a natural raw material