Only real with a red stripe

[Translate to Englisch:] Beispiel Messer mit Etikett und rotem Streifen sowie Tüte

"Dünn, derb, nagelgehend
- haarscharf auf der Wate,
jedes mit einem Etikett versehen,
nur echt mit rotem Streifen."

Paul Herder had the idea of putting a small label on the handle of every knife, describing the special advantages of the knife. Later, this label was reinforced with a diagonal red stripe for more attention. This label was so successful that it was registered as a trademark in 1910.

The appearance was also transferred to the packaging. Paul introduced a single pack, a white paper bag that also featured the Windmill logo,  the lettering and the red diagonal stripe. Twelve of the knives were wrapped in paper in these “Düten” and then packed in an outer carton. The success was resounding and helped our Windmühlenmesser to become more well known.

From the letter of the Imperial Patent Office, Berlin, Remscheid branch, March 25, 1918

The sign serves as a label for sticking on goods, etc. The essence of the sign is the overprint stripe running across the sign, the length and width of which are not defined has a certain dimension. The overprint strip should be protected in all colors.

The mark can also be printed with text or other specially protected trade marks. It is supposed to be a so-called defensive mark for my registered trademark no. 135706.
The white, black, red, green, yellow, brown, blue and violet overprint stripe in the sign should be protected.

(The diagonal label was first registered on October 22, 1910.)