• Kleiner Koch

Small Chef and Young Chef

The Starter Knife for Learning to Cook.                                                                                        

Cooking has to be learnt -  and here, in particular, cutting, which is done before the actual cooking. A fine cut ensures the correct flavour, for instance by preventing the loss of meat juices. Yet, dealing with normal cooking knives can be difficult for cutting novices and thus, for this very purpose, we have developed the Small Chef, a starter knife for those who a learning to cook. It is finely ground and made of stainless steel, with a round tip and slightly bulbous cutting edge, which is why the Small Chef is excellent adapted to the swaying cutting motions, which might still be somewhat akward with cooking novices. The voluminous, comfortably-angled, handle, made of copper beech, is slip-resistant and lies comfortably in the hand. This ensures a large degree of free movement for the hand and thus also a high degree of safety when cutting on the board. These properties simplify the handling of the knife and also ensure that it is very well suited for small hands.

Optionally, a copper beech cutting board is also available.


  • Kleiner Koch
Handle: Copper beech wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: fine-glazed
Blade length: ca. 100 mm / 3,75 inches
Overall length: ca. 195 mm
Art. no. 1632,375,01 stainless

Best used for

- cutting on a chopping board
- chopping
- fish and meat
- fruit and vegetables