• Sparschäler Rotbuche


Two-sided blade – for right and left-hand use. This practical kitchen utensil has a fixed blade for fine peeling and has been part of the Windmühle program for over 30 years. The blade is made of stainless steel and has a distinctly curved shape so that peel is separated easily from carrots, asparagus or potatoes and does not stick to the peeled produce. The two cutting edges on opposite sides are designed precisely for left or right-handed use. They have microfine serration which retains edge very well, as the peeler cannot be sharpened. That is why it has to be good right from the start. The peeler has a fine beech wood handle with rounded edges.

  • Sparschäler Rotbuche
Handle: Copper beech wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Blade length: ca. 59 mm / 2,25 inches
Overall length: ca. 160 mm
Art. no. 1201,225,01 stainless

Best used for

- cutting without a chopping board
- peeling and coring