Pano - Tasting bread knife

The Pano bread knife has a blade about 130 mm long. It is mainly designed to slice the bread served with the cheese. The convex serration is ground on both sides and is polished by hand. It can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users. The polished serration ensures a smooth cut, even with nut or fruit bread. The ingredients remain in the bread, the crust does not fall apart.

  • Easy to slice bread
  • Smooth cut through any bread
  • For left and right-handed users
  • Also suitable to cut cheese

Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: fine-glazed
Blade length: 130 mm
Overall length: 260 mm
Series: Fromaĝo
Art. no. 2022,500,04