• Buckels Fehrekampf Palisander

Old German Fehrekampf

Our master craftsman Wilfried Fehrekampf has worked for Windmühle for almost 50 years. In this time, he has given the final grinding touch to countless knives of the most diverse shape, length and nature and produced their exquisite blue-glazed surface. One of his special favourites is his "Buckels blade", rather different to the usual knives with its tang and three high-quality brass rivets. Our master craftsman has always produced these special "Buckels" knives – which he creates entirely on his own, from blade to handle – for friends or as his own personal gifts.
This knife is bulge ground and blue-glazed by him by hand, and will be given a phase, a special grinder's sign, on the back of the blade, the "shore".

  • Buckels Fehrekampf Palisander
Handle: Palisander
Rivets: Brass
Blade: stainless
Surface: blue-glazed
Blade length: ca. 118 mm / 4,5 inches
Overall length: ca. 215 mm
Art. no. 9219,2020,07 stainless

Best used for

- cutting without a chopping board
- cutting on a chopping board
- bread and other bakery products
- cheese and hard cured sausage
- spreading