• Lignum 3 Pflaume

Lignum 3 - HRC 60

The blade of this knife consists of an exceptionally high-grade non stainless steel with a content of at least 1% carbon. By means of this, we attain a much higher hardness of 60 HRC (Rockwell hardness level) with this knife, when compared to the appox. 57/58 HRC of our conventional carbon steel knives. This hardness gives the blade a higher degree of sharpness and longer edge holding ability.

  • Lignum 3 Pflaume
Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: carbon
Surface: blue-glazed
Blade length: ca. 170 mm / 7 inches
Overall length: ca. 295 mm
Art. no. 9218,1851,04 carbon

Best used for

- cutting on a chopping board
- filleting and carving
- chopping
- fish and meat
- fruit and vegetables