• Katana-Moulin Pflaume


The meaning of Katana-Moulin is something like "mill sword" – a product- and word-creation which springs from our intensive preoccupation with Japanese craftsmanship in creating knives. A Japanese tuna knife is distinguished by its special shape and excessive length of more than 1 metre, and almost gives the impression of a Japanese "Katana" sword. This was the inspiration for our new "Katana-Moulin" ham and filleting knife.The fineness and yet great sharpness of this knife is once again a revival of the former cutting quality of hand-ground Solingen knives, and is therefore also in the best sense of the word "Japanese".The elegant, slightly curved blade is bulged and ground (see below) to be slightly flexible by Master Fehrekampf, using the finest grinding craftsmanship, and then blue-glazed. It is especially suitable for cutting ham or salmon.

  • Katana-Moulin Pflaume
Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: blue-glazed
Blade length: ca. 300 mm / 12 inches
Overall length: ca. 440 mm
Art. no. 9214,1985,04 stainless

Best used for

- cutting on a chopping board
- filleting and carving
- fish and meat