Kapro - Goat cheese knife

Kapro, the goat cheese knife, is specially designed to cut goat cheeses which are mostly small. The blade with its pointed tip is about 80 mm long and has a slightly convex curved cutting edge to allow to sway while cutting. This makes it much easier to part the soft or sometimes crumbly crust and leaves a smooth cut surface. The handle is positioned in a high angle to give enough space to work, even with large hands, without touching the cutting board.

  • Pointed blade to pierce the cheese crust
  • Convex cutting edge to sway while cutting
  • Easy to cut soft cheese
  • More space for hands when cutting

Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: fine-glazed
Blade length: 80 mm
Overall length: 240 mm
Series: Fromaĝo
Art. no. 2021,325,04