• KChef Pflaume

K Chef - Extra Large Chef's Knife

The new „K Chef“ is a professional chef’s knife for intense work under heavy strain. It is made of 1.4037 steel with a high percentage of carbon and chrome. The “Solingen Dry-Fine Grinding®” and the blue-glazed blade surface guarantee a knife of hight quality, enormous sharpness and long lasting cutting ability.

The blade shape is inspired by the Japanese Gyuto, a Chef’s and meat knife, and is especially intended for work on the cutting board. The dynamic contour of the blade elegantly merges into the handle design of our K-Series. Due to the slight angulation of the handle the users hand will not touch the cutting board. The ergonomic shape of the handle enables effortless working for a long period of time.

The grip plates are optionally made of plum wood, walnut wood or POM plastics – for an unparalleled look and character that makes this knife a lifelong companion for the aspiring as well as for the experienced chef.

  • KChef Pflaume
Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: blue-glazed
Blade length: ca. 230 mm / 9 inches
Overall length: ca. 375 mm
Art. no. 9735,1952,04 stainless

Best used for

- cutting on a chopping board
- filleting and carving
- chopping
- fish and meat
- fruit and vegetables