Maintenance set for knives with wooden handles

Knives with wooden handles and/or carbon steel blades need some care from time to time. This care set is ideal for beginners and contains everything you need for a proper knife care:

  • A rust remover to remove stubborn rust stains (Attention! Use only in case of strong corrosion, the eraser leaves grinding marks on the blade).
  • Autosol metal polishing paste for polishing stainless and non-rusting blades. Can also be used to remove light discolouration caused by tarnishing on carbon steel blades.
  •  An organic wood care oil for the wood handle to protect against ageing, to emphasise the natural wood grain and for a silky shine.

  • Ballistol blade oil to protect against rust

  •  A cotton cloth for applying the oils and pastes.

Included in delivery:

1 rust remover with coarse 80 grain, 1 organic wood care oil (jojoba oil with citrus scent) in a 5 ml bottle, 1 Ballistol blade oil 10 ml, 1 Autosol metal care 5 ml, 1 cotton cloth, 1 care instruction

Art. no. 9200,005,00