Ĉio - universal cheese knife

The Ĉio universal cheese knife has a blade about 35 mm wide and is therefore the broadest in the series. The blade surface has two large, gracefully shaped indents to prevent soft and hard cheeses from sticking to the blade. At the same time, its breadth provides sufficient stability to slice easily through hard cheese such as medium mature Gouda, Provolone, Gruyère or similar cheese varieties. The drop-shaped indents are specially polished and the edges are smoothed by hand to ensure straight slicing of the cheese. The thinly ground concave serration slices the cheese very easily. The high-angled handle position also provides space for the hand when cutting.

  • Prevents cheese from sticking to the blade
  • Smooth cut surface
  • Easy slicing, even with harder cheese varieties
  • More space for hand when cutting

Handle: Plum wood
Rivets: Aluminum
Blade: stainless
Surface: fine-glazed
Blade length: 160 mm
Overall length: 310 mm
Series: Fromaĝo
Art. no. 2024,600,04